Partnership with BITCOINWALLS.COM

Current Rate: 10,000 NabazaPoint$ = 10,000 Satoshis

Exchange NabazaPoint$ to Satoshis:

1. Accumulate first 10,000 NabazaPoint$ by doing activities in INCENTIVE WALLS.

2. Send 10,000 NabazaPoint$ to Admin

3. Make sure you registered your btc addresss with

4. Use the same btc address on and

5. Wait for confirmation from Admin that Satoshis have been transferred to you
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Partnership with BITCOINWALLS.COM

Post by admin » Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:03 am

Hello there,

I would like to announce to you the partnership with which makes us bigger and more profitable now adding value to NabazaPoint$, making it 10,000 NabazaPoint$ equivalent to 10,000 Satoshi or 0.00010000 BTC/Bitcoin.

Is that wonderful or what?

Make sure you do your offer wall activities, login and you will see a sub menu called INCENTIVE WALL, some are down, but most of them are up and working fine, so fulfill all your clickthrues pull down that pull down menu INCENTIVE WALL and you will see those offer walls, once you accumulate 10,000 NabazaPoint$ exchange it to 10,000 satoshis.

How To Convert 10,000 NabazaPoint$ to 10,000 Satohis:

1. Go to ... iLQw7r9dKZ make sure your btc address is connected with faucethub and only click the link you will see from ... iLQw7r9dKZ

2. Then afterward, send me 10,000 NabazaPoint$ and it will notify me someone sent me 10,000 NabazaPoint$ and I will send to you 10,000 Satohis, make sure your btc address is also updated on our forum

3. That's 10,000 reasons why you need to be active or re-activate your account with

Sooner you will see our link on ... iLQw7r9dKZ