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How to use?

Post by admin » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:19 am

For now, since we are just starting out. The mining will be like semi-automatic. I will have to find a way so that you can just see for yourself how much earnings have you earned on your mining.

When you log in, just be sure to click on START MINING on top banner and it will start mining and will credit your username the monero that it can mine overnight. While on the footer, you can also start mining the JSECOIN. The Bitcoin auto miner is located at just download the bitcoin auto miner from that website.

For better results, please leave them online so that it will start mining bitcoin, monero and jsecoin for you. I don't want to share your earnings with someone else just only you. So for now, you may send me a private message on how much you're able to mine and I will find out for you manually. So that's all, remember to ask me if you need any more clarifications.

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