How To Mine Monero and JSECoin (Pre-ICO)?

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How To Mine Monero and JSECoin (Pre-ICO)?

Post by admin » Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:09 pm

Here's what you're going to do for 50NP$:

1. Register in the forum and login
2. Click on START MINING on top banner
3. On footer, a dialog box will appear that will prompt you to support the forum by clicking on Continue and the forum will mine your cpu resources.
4. Leave your computer on overnight to let the autominers do it's thing.

Of course, doing this will remove you from receiving future JSECOIN and XMR payment for the meantime as I'm testing the forum until I've eradicated all the bugs from it. Yes, I'm sure that if you close the page, no mining will be done, the website will not leave an auto-miner (spooky) in your computer and mine without your consent.

Ok, don't worry, this is not the js.miner trojan or virus that will going to automine your computer with no consent, you have permitted it because you are incentivized to do it.

When forum is launched, you will receive jsecoin and Xmr (monero) from me as a mining share.

Ok start registering now.